These are days when you come across new innovative products every now and then. Schticky is similar to a lint roller with the only difference that it could be reused. Instead of the paper you find in the lint roller, this one uses a material that has silicon.

Since silicon becomes slippery when wet, the dirt that adheres to the roller could be removed easily in order to reuse the roller. This wonder instrument could be used for the same purposes as you do with a lint roller. Therefore, you could use it to clean any mess around the house.

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  • The silicon material that is being used in these rollers could be used for cleaning a wide variety of materials. It will attract hair, dust or any other material. Therefore, you could use it to clean fabrics, carpets, tiles, wood or any other material.
  • Schticky is available in three sizes. One is so small that you could carry it in your pocket to use it anywhere. It comes with a cover to prevent dust settling on it. The medium sized one could be used for cleaning small spills and dirt patches on tables and benches. The large one is just the same size as a squeegee. Therefore, it is suitable for cleaning floors and ceilings.
  • The product is so durable that it comes with a warranty period of 10 years.

Check out the video below to see the Schticky in action!



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Who should buy this product?

  • This will come in handy for any household as it could help a housewife to clean dry dirt.
  • Even one who is living in a rented room could have a mediums sized or a small one to help him manage dirt.


  • The main advantage is its longevity and the reusability. In case you use a lint roller to clean the house of dry dirt, every now and then you need to change the roller. Even a broom will lose its bristles with age. But when you use Schticky you could reuse it for an unlimited number of times.
  • This product is very easy to use. The reason is that in order to remove dry particles of dirt, you just need to roll it over the dirt and the dirt will stick to it. When you need to clean it you just have to wet it and all the dirt will be removed. The secret is that when dry, silicon attracts dirt and when wet it becomes extremely slippery; so, dirt is removed easily.
  • When you read any Schticky review you will read that the reviewer has recommended this product to be suitable for cleaning any dry mess around the house due to its versatility.


  • Though they are not serious this product has room for improvement according to Schticky reviews. It is only available in blue color at the moment. Everyone may not be happy with this color. As such, a few more color options could have come in handy.
  • The handle of the medium sized one could have been a bit longer. However, the large sized one is perfect on the size of the handle. Since it is made for cleaning floors it is properly sized.

When you use this product, you will feel that it is an innovative product that should be there in any household as it could help any housewife to clean her house. Though there are two simple short comings on the handle of the medium sized one and the color, it appears to be a flawless product.

Where to buy Schticky:

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Schticky Reviews from Users:

This is what James from Canada has to say about the product,
I am using this product for two weeks and it works fine. I clean my suit of lint before going to office and hair left on the furniture by my cat. It works the way it should.

This is another review made by Nura, again from Canada,
This is a cool product that will help me clean any surface such as car interior, furniture and floors of pet fur, hair or any other dirt. It is reusable and could be cleaned easily when it becomes dirty.

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